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History of The Big List versions.

1.0 - A single text file that had dozens of URL's on it, with no organization to speak of. This file was hosted on the Game's Idea web site at GeoCities.

2.0 - 1.0's text file was organized and given some basic HTML structure and clickable links. This file was hosted on the Game's Idea web site at GeoCities.

3.0 - 2.0's HTML organization was redesigned with descriptions and a Frames approach to support multiple category pages and a simple, rotating banner system. This version became it's own GeoCities web site.

4.0 - 3.0's approach was simplified and redesigned without the Frames, in order to support it's new host, FreeServers. Also, more listings, cateogories and a new graphics approach was installed. It's this version that has been running here at kr.8m for all this time.

5.0 - Originally hosted at Knight Rider Online until a major server problem wiped it out, this version was an experiment in a more navigatable and low bandwidth version, called the 'Foundation for Law And Government remote database access terminal.' It proved to be hard to maintain and had a problem of misleading visitors into thinking that the nav bar was apart of the site that they had just went to. Mis-directed e-mails alone ran rampant.

6.0 - This was a true Knight Rider browser tool that never actually saw the light of day. It's purpose was to provide the ease of navigation that version 5.0 tried to do, while operating directly from the user's own computer. Programming and security questions were too great for my limited abilities to fully complete it.

7.0 - The latest version of The Big List. The engine that drives the works allows for the owners of the web site links to add or update their own listings without administrator assistance. It also delivers a true in-house search engine and category divisions...along with a few other goodies. While so far, everything looks great, success of this version is still pending.

Future of the knightrider.8m.com web site - I am still trying to decide on what I want to do with this web site, now that the list is moving beyond it's virtual walls. But, I do not intend to just abandon this web site.

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Click here to go to The Lone Knight site, a freeware Knight Rider video game for Windows 9x, currently in the making and not yet ready for download.

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